We’re Paul & JJ. We’re married to our jobs-which we love! We were both born and raised on the Oregon coast. We gained our passion for real estate from our family who has owned and managed an Oregon real estate brokerage and practiced real estate law for almost four decades. We earned our Business (Paul), Architecture (JJ), & Environmental Studies (JJ) degrees from University of Oregon and have lived in Portland ever since. Shortly after moving to Portland, we began an eight month search for our perfect home. The process was difficult–full of both missteps and wise-moves–but ultimately hugely rewarding. That house gave us great gatherings, learnings and eventual financial security. Most importantly, it led us to our dream careers helping others achieve their own real estate dreams. 

What our clients say they appreciate about us is our laid back, no pressure, but hard working attitudes. We’re creative problem solvers who bring personal experience on top of professional expertise. We’ve personally bought and sold properties. We own and manage rental property. We renovate Portland fixer-uppers, and build ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units). We’ve had small failures and big successes and we plan to do all of it again! Each real estate adventure is full of huge personal and financial decisions. We seek to understand our client’s most important underlying priorities for each strategic real estate move, and help to keep those in the forefront throughout the process. We strive to help our clients navigate the process so they’re informed, making logical decisions and setting themselves up for the future they dream of. We’d love to grab coffee, pie or beers and see if we can help you set and reach your real estate goals.

More About Us: We are beer lovers, casual cyclists, amateur woodworkers, local sports fans, restaurant scene followers, hikers, cooks, bakers and gardeners. We love summer evenings on our front porch with friends and spending time at the beach wearing out our dog and spending time with our families.